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Attendance at the P.S.P.

The acquisition of a PSD requires 120 ECTS units in total. During their studies the postgraduate students are required to attend and pass postgraduate courses, conduct research and submit scientific assignments, as well as a final thesis. In order to be conferred a PSD a postgraduate student is required to attend and pass all courses offered by the PSP and submit a postgraduate diplomatic thesis, to collect the 120 ECTS units. The courses are offered in Greek. The duration of the Programme that leads to the Postgraduate Study Degree (PSD) is four (4) academic semesters.

Duration of Studies

The length of the studying period for the Postgraduate Study Programme entitled “Greek and World Theatre: Drama, Performance, Education” is two academic years, that is four (4) semesters for the program of full length studies, three of which are teaching, with courses in common and specialization courses, workshops, seminars, and several other educational and research activities. The fourth is dedicated to the Postgraduate Diploma work.

The maximum allowed time of completing the studies is defined in those four (4) semesters. In case the student asks for an extension of his studying period for reasons not included in the cases of partial studying or of suspension of them –as described below- the petition will be examined by the S.C. and the G.A. and may be accepted on conditions.

Partial Studying

Partial studying is allowed in cases that the student is not in a position to comply with the demands of full program studies. Partial studying is allowed even to non-working students who are unable to comply with the demands of full program studies because of health or family reasons or military service. The duration of partial studying cannot exceed six (6) semesters. During the registration the student can apply for a partial studying program. This application cannot be submitted after his/her registration in the third semester.

The analytical Curriculum of partial studying is the same with the respective Curriculum of full length studies. The difference is that the partial studying student attends and is tested only in 2 or 3 courses among the total of offered courses in the 3 semesters of the teaching period.

Suspension of Studying

Postgraduate students can apply for suspension of their studies once during their time period of studying. The suspension is given by decision of the G.A. on condition that the application be escorted by the necessary documents proving serious reasons for it (i.e. health, military service, family problems etc.). The duration cannot be more than twelve (12) months, that is two semesters, or less than one semester. Allowance for more than one year can be given only in exceptional cases, after suggestion of the S.C. and decision of the G.A. of the Department. The semesters of suspension are not included in the regular duration of studying.

In case of suspension of studying, the postgraduate student must attend the corresponding semester of the next year of the Program in order to continue his/her studies. During the suspension the student’s rights are suspended too, together with his/her student status. The last quality is resumed after the ending of suspension. After the ending of suspension, the postgraduate student is obligated to attend all the classes, seminars, workshops in which he had not been examined or had not been successfully examined. The postgraduate student, after the ending of his/her suspension time, has to comply with the terms of studying of the year of his/her registration in the P.S.P. The postgraduate student who is on sabbatical or is a fellow is not entitled to studying suspension.

Cessation of Studies

A definite cessation of studies can be done for the following reasons:

  • Because of inadequate performance of their tasks as stated in this Regulation.
  • Because of misconduct.
  • Because on non-payment of the fees.

The permanent delete occurs after suggestion of the S.C. to the G.A. and the relevant decision of the latter. The decision is communicated to the student within fifteen (15) days. He/she has the right to submit an objection within one month from the decision making. In case of cessation of studies or permanent delete of a postgraduate student, for any reason, paid fees are not returned.