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The objective of the Postgraduate Study Programme entitled “Greek and World Theatre: Drama, Performance, Education” is to train scientists in the academic field of Theatrology and also in its contemporary applications, the creation of a suitable human infrastructure to support the Greek participation in the international evolution of this discipline, its support and connection with the scenic practice, the cultural institutions, the labour market, the area of education and teaching of the theatre, the study of new technology applications and the constant updating to current developments of the discipline. The current Postgraduate Study Programme is scheduled to respond to the research needs of the above fields, constituting the basis of cultural activities in theatre and priorities for the promotion of Theatre Studies in Greece.

The target of this Postgraduate Study Programme is: a) the promotion of Theatre Studies, focusing on the history and theory of the European and World theatre, from antiquity to the present day b) the systemization research and questioning about the theatrical activity in Greece on a university level and response to the general educational and wider social interest about theatre studies c) the study and research on the teaching of theatre in primary and secondary education d) the provision of expert knowledge and the acquirement of special research skills in theatrical education e) the completion of under-graduate studies and the preparation and selection of candidates of PhD thesis.

The Postgraduate Study Programme leads to the acquisition of a Postgraduate Diploma, having two specializations:

a/ Drama and Performance

b/ Theatre Didactics

The diplomas are bestowed by the Department of Theatre Studies of the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens.