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Modes of Admission for Candidates

The selection of students is done according to 4485/2017 law and the rules set by this same Regulation of Postgraduate Studies.

Submission of applications

The P.S.P. publishes every year in the spring semester, at least one month before the deadline date, an announcement of the forthcoming examinations and their procedure for the next year on its web page. The applications of the candidates must have all the documents required by the existing law, mentioned in the invitation annexed.

These documents are:

  1. Application of participation in the exams.
  2. Curriculum vitae.
  3. Validated copy of diploma B.A. or a certification of studies integration.
  4. Publications in journals with peer review, if any.
  5. Certificates of professional, research or artistic activities, if any.
  6. Two recommendation letters by authors not belonging to the Department.
  7. Certificate of linguistics both of English and French language of advanced level (C1).

Linguistics of an additional language belonging to the strong European ones is taken into account.

The terms of examination are defined through a relevant announcement uploaded on the website of the department. Foreign candidates must submit a certificate of sufficient knowledge of the Greek language.

Students from foreign universities must submit a certificate of equivalence by the Commanding Office of the Ministry of Education (ΔΟΑΤΑΠ) according to 4485/2017 law.

Application not escorted by the abovementioned certificates are not taken into account in the procedure of postgraduate students’ selection. The applications escorted by those certificates are submitted to Secretariat of the Department of Theatre Studies. The application must contain clearly the specialization that the candidate wishes to attend in the P.S.P. The suggestion of selection is done by the S.C. The Secretariat accepts the applications and the certificates which are being submitted within the deadlines defined in the announcement. They check the validity and completeness of each candidate’s certificates and forwards them to the S.C. They must be complete, according to the demands of the announcement.

Selection criteria of the postgraduate students

In the selection of the students are taken into account:

  1. The grade of the candidate in the admission exams, which are relevant to the content and the courses of the P.S.P. The courses of each specialization, the material, and all the relevant examination terms are defined in the relevant announcement, uploaded on the website of the Department. This grade must be 6.5 at least (6.5/10).
  2. The performance of the candidates during the interview.
  3. The special qualifications of the candidates, as proved by the certificates submitted to the Secretariat. That is the academic and research work of the candidates, published in reputable academic journals, original literary work, other university degrees beyond the first one and foreign languages. All these are described below.

 Interview of the candidates

The successful candidates of P.S.P. are invited to be interviewed by the Department Assembly, in order to assess their general ability to meet the demands of P.S.P. Their performance during the interview is evaluated together with the examination results for their acceptance in the P.S.P. This interview includes general and specific academic courses on the specialization chosen by the candidate and aims at:

  • The understanding of the general academic background and his/her personality in general.
  • The understanding of the motives and the maturity of the candidate as far as his/her choice of specialization is concerned.
  • The detection of the candidate’s special abilities and also of other traits and abilities he/she may have.
  • The detection of other characteristics of the candidate which may affect his/her adjustment in the P.S.P.

The interview of candidates is done by the G.A., according to 4485/2107 law.

Prerequisite for the admission of candidates without a General Certificate of Secondary Education or diploma of a Greek University (acquired by a programme of studies in the Greek language) for a P.S.P. conducted in the Greek language, is a certificate of Greek language knowledge 4th level, by the Centre of Greek Language or an equivalent level of Greek language knowledge by the Modern Greek Teaching Institution of the University of Athens.

Students from foreign Universities must bring an equivalence certificate by the Commanding Office of the Ministry of Education (ΔΟΑΤΑΠ), according to art. 34, par. 4 of 4485/2107 law.

Special qualifications of the candidates

As special qualifications are defined:

  1. Grade of the university degree submitted by the candidate
  2. The pre-graduate diploma of the candidate
  3. Attending of and success in pre-graduate courses relevant to the specialization that the candidate has chosen.
  4. Proficiency in foreign languages beyond the necessary one and the additional second demanded. Also a certification of the obligatory and the additional language.
  5. The research and academic published work of the candidate. This is evaluated and acknowledged only if it is original and published in prestigious academic journals or in records of academic conferences, or the candidates have a certified experience in research or production works of a relevant scope with the specialization of his/her choice. The detection of relevance of the candidate’s work with the P.S.P. content is done by the S.C..
  6. Certified professional experience in fields relevant with the disciplinary content of the P.S.P. Especially for the Theatre Didactics specialization a work experience in the area of education in teaching theatre.
  7. Recommendation letters from persons outside the staff of P.S.P.
  8. Additional university degrees. These may be degrees or diplomas by other universities, Greek or foreign, of the candidate beyond his/her first degree or the one relevant with the syllabus of P.S.P.

Selection procedure of postgraduate students

  • The S.C. receives the files of the candidates from the Secretariat the results of the written examinations, together with the results of the documents control, as defined by the announcement. Then it composes the list of candidates that will be interviewed. Then the S.C. has the responsibility and the general survey of all the selection procedures for the P.S.P.
  • Based on the total criteria for each candidate, the S.C. composes a league table of the candidates. On this table all the candidates appear in order of merit. Then, taking into account the number of vacancies announced from the beginning, totally and in each specialization, composes the list of successful candidates in alphabetical order and the list of runners up in order of merit. Then it submits it to the General Assembly to be validated. In case there are vacancies in any of the two specializations, the runners up may apply to be accepted in the specialization with the vacancies.
  • The list of the successful candidates, after its validation by the G.A. is uploaded on the bulletin board of P.S.P. of the Department. In case of grade draw, the candidates will be all admitted. Any objection, which must necessarily be signed, concrete and justified, is judged finally by the G.A. after suggestion from the S.C.


The successful candidates are notified to register in the P.S.P. within fifteen (15) days after the decision of the G.A. is announced. The date of registration is announced by the Secretariat.

Documents demanded for the registration:

A filled form, which is uploaded in the website.

Four photos.

A validated copy of the candidate’s ID or passport for foreign students.

In case one or more students do not appear to register, the next runners up will be invited to register, in order of success.