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Classes and examinations period of P.S.P. correspond to the academic calendar of the National and Kapodistrian U.O.A. They start in the winter semester of each academic year.

The P.S.P. consists of 4 semesters. Each semester has thirteen (13) weeks of teaching. Classes and research activities are allocated during this period. The first semester involves courses that are common to both specializations. In the second and third semester, parallel to courses in common, special for each specialization courses are taught. Courses of specialization involve both compulsory and election courses. The latter are different for each specialization. There are three exam periods: in February, June and September.

The syllabus is applied through standard educational methods which can combine: a) classes and workshops, the attending of which is compulsory, b) standard electronical procedures of long distance education/training. In the live classes, teaching includes theoretical analysis and questionings, issues, concepts and ideas are clarified in ways that promote critical and dialectic approaches, co-operative learning and some parts of the special courses are realized. In the electronical procedures of long distance education/training there is constant participation and both synchronous and asynchronous communication between tutors and postgraduate students, and also among the students. The latter allows access to educational material and bibliography and a more detailed assessment of the students.

Participation of the postgraduate students in the educational procedure, as described above and also in other additional activities is compulsory. The way of supervising this last demand is up to the teacher of each course. The evaluation and marking in each course belongs to the teacher responsibilities, is totally independent of other courses and is a product of an objective measurement of the student’s performance in each course (papers, exams, participation etc.). The examination in each course may be oral, or by written test, by papers or by combination of all the above ways. According to the teacher’ decision, a compulsory or optional paper on the course- matter can be factored in the final grade. Evaluation criteria are clearly defined and communicated to the postgraduate students as soon as classes begin.


Postgraduate students can be examined once in each course during the examination period of the semester in which this course is being taught. If he/she fails, is referred to the General Assembly. The G.A. and S.C., after examining the whole performance of the student, decides: 1) the possibility of an additional examination, if there are special reasons justifying his/her low performance, 2) repeating of the P.S.P. course in the correspondent semester, 3) his/her definite suspension from the P.S.P. In case of repeating a course or more, the respective fees must be paid; in case of permanent withdrawal or suspension no paid fees are returned.

If a postgraduate student fails in the exams of one more courses, so that, according to the Postgraduate Studies Regulation, it is considered that he/she has not completed the Programme successfully, he/she is examined by a Committee consisting of three members of the staff of the P.S.P. of the Department, with the same or similar field of expertise with the examined course, who are appointed by the G.A. The teacher of this course is not included in this committee (par. 6, ar. 34, 4485/2017 law).

Delivery of papers – marking

Postgraduate students have to deliver their papers on time and strictly within the deadline of each course. Timely delivery of papers and successful completion of each semester is a condition in order to attend the next semester. The teacher or teachers of a postgraduate course have to deposit a computerized form of their grades list to the Secretariat within a month from the date of examination.

Course selection statement

Within the two first weeks of each semester an announcement is issued, defining the time space during which the postgraduate students of P.S.M. must apply (filling a form for each lesson) in order to state the courses of the semester they are going to attend. If a postgraduate student has not stated the postgraduate courses of a semester, then he/she misses his/her chance of participation and examination in those courses.

Language of classes

Greek is the language of teaching. In order to permit the P.S.P. internationalization (i.g. invitation of foreign professors), part of the classes may be conducted in another language.